Splendid Unlimited
Creative Lead + Senior Product designer

I joined Splendid Unlimited as Creative lead & Senior Product designer. A hybrid role with a focus on improving  the overreaching  brand expression through all Reed's products. Working closely with UX lead, and the internal Reed's team, the goal was to make Reed a to-go tool for continous career improvement. That included creating reasons & value to comeback to the platform, once already successfully employed, providing continous feedback from both employee and employer sides ultimately facilitating growth on both sides. Aside from direct brand goals, another objective for the business  was to optimize workflows and reduce design debt through the adoption of Design Systems. By maintaining consistency Reed's internal design team would graudally spend less time on new individual components and would ultimately focus on solving bigger picture problems to enpower the user. Technical teams could now create reusable components with inherited styles that can be updated with ease.

Main guidelines


React components


Instant match breakdown. Providing candidates with key information
and allowing them to scan through job ads  quickly.

As a lot of traffic is driven to the job-ad pages offsite,  the value proposition had to be made clear for new users.  As with the entire platform - the strategy was to provide a more holistic experience for candidates on their journey to employment.  We've intoduced a number of ux & brand expression strategies. The page blends relevant editorial content and courses with the actual job description and  an in-depth match breakdown module, that also provides immediate feedback and concrete suggestions on what the candidate could improve on their resume or application to be more attractive for the employer.

Group 19

Web platform
Onboarding / Login carousel screens with Reed's heritage value propositions


The app

An example of an organic job application journey. Onboarding users onto the platform by providing real life stories from Reed Coaches. The journey is designed to provide essential nudges and the necessary information, whilst making sure the unnecessary clutter is taken out of the process. That means automating resumes, arranging interview dates and times on our backend CRM for the user to be available to choose a convenient interview slot right here and now, in this way removing the interruptions that quickly cause cognitive load and fatigue. Users predominantly identified these interruptions, together with lack of employer feedback and job description generalism as most mentally taxing in jobhunting platforms, resulting in abandoned application processes. 

profile building

In app solutions to reduce cognitive load. New non-overwhelming ways to build your profile and CV as you go.

A holistic redesign of Reed's course section
into 'Reed Learn'. Candidates are now able to save all content -  jobs, courses and articles in one place - in their library under the shortlisted tab


Premium users will have the ability to interact with their favorite Reed coaches. See their stories or write them direct messages

An entirely new notification system to support the candidates and the employers along their search journeys.
As well as a structured effort to reduce cognitive load by 'chunking', as building a resume from scratch or
updating it in one go usually is a taxing task for most.


A new in-depth candidate monitoring system for recruiters and direct employers

vaccancy tieline


• Finding the user needs
• Objectives of the app
• Mapping out the user journey
• Scoping out functional specifications



• Mapping out the use journey
• Scoping out functional specifications
• Development of app flows to facilitate user tasks, defining how the user interacts with site functionality
• Developing low to mid fidelity wireframes to validate intuitive user interactions with the app
• Aligning with the project scope
• Synthesising



• Ideations and refinement
• Developing high fidelity components, elements into consistent design system
• Developing mid fidelity prototype and testing it with sentation of information to facilitate understanding
• Design of interface elements to facilitate user interaction with functionality



• Designed ~240 screens
• Developed the design system
• Developed specifications in a format of user flows
• Implemented new strategies of brand expression

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